The way people prove
who they are is outdated

A modern approach to ID verification

Yoti is a digital identity platform that lets you check customer identities online and in person. Using a combination of our free identity app and our webbased dashboard, we verify customer details against government issued ID documents before securely sending their details to you.

Simplicity, security and speed

With Yoti, identities are verified using NIST approved facial recognition technology, government issued photo ID and, where possible, biometric passport chips. Yoti is the world’s first cross sector, mobile-friendly identity system.

A global solution

By creating an account with Yoti, you can:

Set up your own webpage for receiving customer information in less than 5 minutes!

Keep all data safe with our advanced 256-bit hybrid encryption techniques.

Clearly see all of your infomation you receive in one place.

The Yoti app is free to download and use: