COVID-19 testing
We are working with organisations in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and helping individuals return to work.
Read about our work with FRANKD to deliver on-premise testing with secure, digital test results sent to a person’s phone.

We’re delighted to announce that we have partnered with Hiscox as part of their new Business Accelerator.

The Accelerator is an online portal which provides entrepreneurs, startups, scale-ups and SMEs with tools to grow their business, save time and money, and run their companies more efficiently. Hiscox selected a range of innovative ventures to be featured on the Accelerator and we’re very pleased they have chosen to include Yoti.

As we live more of our lives online, it’s becoming increasingly important to take control of our personal data and have a safer way to prove our identity. We are really excited to partner with Hiscox and help entrepreneurs have a simpler and safer way of managing their identity, and that of their own customers.

Hiscox also handpicked a variety of useful resources and services which businesses can access through the portal, including:

  • a price comparison service that helps businesses save money on their utility bills
  • legal advice including free access to experts at global law firm Kennedy’s
  • business insurance
  • bespoke online GDPR training to help small businesses get to grips with the new data regulation
  • marketing resources, such as getting set up on social media and the chance to win a website built by a professional agency.

Visitors of the Business Accelerator will be able to download the Yoti app and enjoy our free Password Manager, which lets people securely login to websites without having to remember a single password. We are also committed to support Hiscox’s entrepreneurial customers with cost-effective identity verification, biometric authentication and e-signature solutions.