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Whether we’re home, at our desk or on the move, most of us are always connected with the people we know – as well as brands, products and other digital services that we value, but can’t quite count as trusted friends.

Whilst sharing personal attributes for online access has become the norm, our recent YouGov report highlights that an 87% majority of people are worried about the risks associated with handing over their personal information to people and businesses they don’t know.

The multitude of requests for our personal data is making it hard to keep track of who, where, how, what and why our data is being used and shared. Add the horror stories of fraud and hacks regularly appearing in the media and it’s easy to understand why people are concerned. 29% of respondents even confessed to sharing false data to protect their identity online.

Key quotes from people taking the survey echo this sentiment:

“Don’t trust the website to protect my data and not pass it on to third parties.”

“I wasn’t convinced they would keep my details secure.”

“I don’t understand why sites need to know so much information. These days I would simply not join a site asking too many questions.”


Broken trust

This is a trust problem for people and businesses that we are here to fix with Yoti, your digital identity.

In a similar way that people trust their bank to help manage their finances – Yoti is one safe digital house for personal data that connects seamlessly with all the businesses requiring access to an individual’s information.

Each Yoti is created and verified using our secure phone app with facial recognition, government issued documents like a passport or driving licence, and a personal PIN – with each piece of your data stored separately using military level encryption.

You control access your full profile and decide exactly what information to share and who to share it with. This means that strangers and businesses can be confident your Yoti profile is legitimate – and you can be confident that you are in control of your personal data.

  • Getting set up is easy, simply:
  • Download the free Yoti app on your phone
  • Take a selfie
  • Photograph your passport and / or driving licence
  • We verify your ID and safely encrypt your data
  • Secure your account with 5-digit PIN
  • Your Yoti digital ID is complete

Survey Results

To explore this further, an online survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of Yoti looked at people’s attitudes towards sharing personal information. The survey was answered by 2,029 adults and was conducted between 8th-9th September 2016. To read our full report and survey results, download British opinions on identity and personal information.