Yoti and CitizenCard launch new digital ID card

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Everyone needs a way to prove their identity. Whether it’s to collect a parcel from the post office, buy an age restricted item, open a bank account or apply for a job.

For many young people, they’re too young to have a driving licence and their parents don’t want them to carry around a £49 passport simply to prove their age to see a film, buy a game or purchase a child’s train ticket.

With almost 20% of people losing an ID document at least once a year, young people need a safer and more affordable way to prove their age and identity.

Introducing the Yoti CitizenCard

We’ve teamed up with CitizenCard to offer young people a £9 digital ID. Unlike other ID solutions, the Yoti CitizenCard allows young people to prove their age online and in person. They’ll be able to use the Yoti CitizenCard to:

  • Prove their age and identity when travelling on public transport, going to cinemas, on nights out, and when buying games and age restricted goods like energy drinks and alcohol.
  • Prove their age and identity to businesses online.
  • Log in to websites without having to remember passwords.
  • Verify the identities of people they meet online for safer encounters.

They can also share specific attributes (i.e. just their name or age) without disclosing their full identity with a paper ID document; helping to protect from the ever-growing risk of identity fraud. Yoti CitizenCards display the Home Office-endorsed PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) hologram and UV mark. The logos of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) also feature. The card is accepted by retail and night economy businesses.

The Yoti SmartChip in the card will, in future, allow people to simply tap on a card reader to prove their identity. It could also enable payments, where parents top up the card with their child’s pocket money to bring safer spending than carrying cash – or be used for storing tickets and travel passes.

Our solution is designed to give parents peace of mind, knowing that their child has a recognised national ID that’s safer to carry than passport, which if lost or stolen contains a large volume of sensitive personal data.

We believe that everyone should be able to prove who they are when they choose to – but ID should be private, secure, voluntary and controlled by the individual, not by organisations.

  • Private – prove ‘what’ you are without necessarily revealing who you are
  • Secure – NO big database of profiles that reveals how and where people use it
  • Voluntary – ID should empower people not be a means of tracking people

This is just the start of a great partnership with CitizenCard. We’re excited to give families around the UK a simple and secure way to prove their identity, online and in person.