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For many, Valentine’s Day is a day to show their love and affection for the person they love. But it can also be an occasion full of awkward moments – from forgetting to pick up a card for your loved one, to having your news feed full of couples sharing love messages and photos of red roses.

With so many potentially embarrassing situations, what’s the most awkward thing about Valentine’s Day? We asked this very question and the results are in!


Forgetting to buy a card – 15%
Couples’ undying love – 18%
Awkward first dates – 12%
Being single – 55%


If you’re one of the 15% who forgets to buy a card, then you may want to consider ordering one of these… If you’re still together that is.

For those who can’t face couple’s undying love then maybe give yourself a social media break for a day. Learning to have a technology break has many benefits – from giving you the chance to appreciate what you do have to combating the fear of missing out. Give it a go.

And for those who find awkward first dates the worst thing, maybe try something a little more fun and relaxed for your first date. Remember, it may be Valentine’s Day but at least you’re not one of the 55% who said being single was the worst thing (every cloud…).

Avoid a candlelit meal surrounded by couples in love and try one of these fun, non-awkward date ideas instead. You never know, next Valentine’s you may be one of those couples expressing your undying love all over Facebook.


And finally, if you’re one of the 55% who voted that being single was the most awkward thing, get prepared for next year: how to survive Valentine’s Day as a single person. And if you’re on a mission to not have the single status anymore, you may want to check out these dating apps.