Using Yoti at cinemas

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We all enjoy a trip to the cinema, but carrying a government issued ID to confirm we’re old enough to see our chosen flick isn’t so convenient – especially when we’re going to sit and slouch in a dark room where important documents could easily be lost or stolen. Obtaining a trusted and accepted form of ID can also be tricky for younger viewers – unless they carry a passport that parents may be reluctant to let them take out the house.

We asked young people whether they liked the idea of using Yoti, a digital ID, to prove their age on their phone and lots of them did. They are keen to have an easier and quicker way of proving their age in their everyday life, so we decided to test Yoti out at a cinema.

We are currently trialling Yoti at the Watershed cinema in Bristol and would love you to try it. As long as you’re under 24 and old enough to see your chosen movie, simply verify you are under 24 using Yoti at Watershed, Bristol and your cinema ticket will be free!

To get involved, just download the Yoti app for Apple or Android, get your passport and / or driving licence ready and follow the simple setup process – all that’s left is to pick your film and sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.

Feedback on the trial has been great from both the cinema and public so please let us know there is a particular cinema you’d like us to come to next!

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