Talao partners with Yoti

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Yoti and Altme logos presented together

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Talao, the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Platform. Talao enables European companies and citizens to build a new future where their data and digital identities stay safe and owned by the individual. 

Talao has just launched Altme, an innovative digital wallet built on SSI technology. Altme wallet enables users to self-manage their digital identities, without depending on third-party providers like platforms or institutions. Just like a physical wallet, in which it is possible to carry ID cards and funds, Altme digital wallet can be used to gather and manage digital credentials and digital assets.

Thanks to the Altme wallet, users can easily interact with Web 3 applications and platforms, such as “play to earn” games, Metaverse worlds, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) applications and NFT Marketplaces. 

Talao has integrated our leading facial age estimation technology into the Altme digital wallet. Our technology accurately estimates a person’s age based on a selfie, and we built it to give everyone a secure way to prove their age without sharing their name or ID document. Talao users can use our technology to verify they are over a certain age to create an age credential, such as ‘over 18’. Once verified, this age credential is stored in the Altme wallet on the user’s phone and can be shared whenever they want.

Individuals can easily share their verified age credential with online businesses without having to verify their age from scratch every time. This is not only simpler and quicker than showing an ID document to prove their age, but it’s also more private. There’s no need for them to reveal their date of birth or any other personal information when they are required to prove they are over 13 or over 18. It’s also more inclusive, given not everyone owns or has access to an ID document. 

Whether for regulatory purposes, or simply to get to know their community better, all Web 3 projects now have the possibility to verify the age of their users in a privacy-preserving way, thanks to the Yoti and Talao partnership. 

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Yoti, which enables us to offer verified age credentials to Altme wallet users quickly and easily. By integrating Yoti’s solution into our Self-Sovereign Identity wallet, our users can benefit from a smooth and secure age verification process.” – Hugo MIR, CMO Talao / Altme.