An image with the Yoti and Post Office logos at the top. Underneath these, the text reads "150,000 Digital ID checks per month". Below this the text says "DBS, Right to work, Right to Rent"

Post Office and Yoti lead the way in accessible identity checks

It’s been 18 months since Post Office and Yoti became the first Identity Service Provider (IDSP) to be certified under the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework, to complete online right to work, right to rent and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks. Each year over 7 million DBS checks are completed, alongside a further estimated 10 million right to work and 3 million right to rent checks. Whilst many businesses are still performing these checks in person, the UK government regulatory changes to allow these to be done online have been a huge success. There are now 44 IDSPs

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Konfir partners with Yoti for certified income and employment attributes

We are delighted to be working with Konfir, a B2B SaaS platform that lets employers instantly access employment or income records for any UK-based worker, with their consent. Konfir is at the forefront of the shift in determining how employment and income data is captured, verified, and shared, and has become the first certified Attribute Service Provider (ASP) under the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF). As the first government certified provider of employment and income data, globally, Konfir provides employment and income information, including work history, previous job titles and dates of employment, to companies or Identity

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Post Office EasyID: a look back on the past year

It’s been 12 months since the Post Office EasyID app launched, giving people an easy and safe way to prove who they are. We’re delighted to share the progress Post Office, together with Yoti, have made over the past year on our joint mission to build the UK’s trusted identity network. There’s been plenty to celebrate and some big milestones we’re very proud of. Over three million app installs 🎉 Over three million people in the UK have downloaded the EasyID and Yoti apps, showing that people want a more modern way to prove their identity. Our digital

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uCheck launches digital identity checks with Yoti and the Post Office

4th August 2022 – Today, uCheck announces that all clients will now be able to complete DBS checks digitally, instead of having to manually check physical ID documents, streamlining and speeding up the process. Earlier this year, uCheck partnered with Yoti and the Post Office, the UK’s first certified Identity Services Provider (IDSP), who will provide the digital DBS checks. uCheck clients will be able to quickly and easily ensure that candidates have sufficient ID in line with DBS ID checking requirements. This can be completed online, via a digital ID app (such as Post Office EasyID or Yoti) or

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Further and Yoti partner to power the next generation of financial products

London, UK, 25th July 2022 – Investment platform Further has today announced a new partnership with digital identity provider Yoti, who will streamline the customer onboarding process, making it faster and easier for people to invest in their chosen funds. Under Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules, Further is required to provide appropriate identity evidence for investors when transactions take place. This is to prove that all investors seeking to invest in a fund via Further are who they say they are. By using Yoti and their partner Post Office for digital identity verification, Further will strengthen their KYC and AML

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uCheck partners with Post Office and Yoti to drive digital DBS and Right to Work checks

LONDON – 16th March 2022 – uCheck has announced a new Digital Identity Check solution in partnership with Post Office and Yoti. It brings a modern approach to DBS and Right to Work Checks that will save time and admin by swapping manual ID reviews and the copying of applicants’ physical documents for a secure digital process that takes seconds. uCheck is the top DBS umbrella body in the UK and a leading provider of employment vetting and screening solutions – it currently processes over 850,000 checks annually for over 20,000 organisations. uCheck is the largest DBS provider in the

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