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Last week, Year 5 students from Shaftesbury Park Primary School in Wandsworth had the chance to apply their creativity in the world of work when they visited our office. The school has been working with Enabling Enterprise, an award winning social enterprise setup to equip young people with the skills and experiences they need to succeed in life. They work with numerous businesses to bring the world of work into the classroom; giving school students the chance to face different challenges and develop new skills. As part of their work with Enabling Enterprise, Shaftesbury School have been working to help their students improve their teamwork skills in a variety of situations.

On the day, the students were split into teams, and volunteers from Yoti spoke about different communication challenges businesses can face. Students were then tasked to design an app, complete with a name and logo, to help aid communication for employees at Yoti. A fantastic challenge which encouraged creativity, teamwork and collaboration.

The students got straight to it; asking the Yoti volunteers lots of questions to understand more about the business itself, the skills needed to work in a tech company, and questions about their specific job roles. We also gave the students a guided tour around the office so they could get a real sense of the company.

Each team of students then presented their ideas at the Trade Fair at the end of the day. We were very impressed with their ideas, particularly because half of the teams had designed an app geared towards people with hearing impairments. It was fantastic to see the growing level of confidence amongst the students, and to see them working so well in their teams.

“You could really see the improvement as they went through the day. Children that were quiet or shy at the beginning really came out of their shells and were speaking confidently in the presentations.” – Volunteer, Yoti

At Yoti, we are committed to using our identity checking system as a force for good. We’re a B Corporation with a set of principles to guide us, and a Guardian Council of respected and influential individuals who hold us to account. Our work with Enabling Enterprise is part of our broader mission to give something back to the community.

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Anna de Pulford & Chris White
Social Purpose Partnerships