ProveMyAge – the fast, free and anonymous age verification solution to the Digital Economy Act

ProveMyAge is a new age verification solution that enables people to prove their age with our age estimation technology Yoti Age Scan, or with the free Yoti app to share their verified ‘Over 18’ attribute. More details of the following below.

The internet is a fantastic source of creativity for young people, but they must be able to explore it safely.

It is currently too easy for children to stumble across and watch age-restricted content. NSPCC research showed that nearly half (46%) of children who’ve seen pornography first saw it by accident and nearly two thirds (65%) of 15-16-year-olds have also seen it.

The Digital Economy Act is a law introduced by the UK government, coming into force on 15th July, that includes measures to prevent children from accessing pornographic content online. Age verification is a child protection measure introduced as part of the government’s ambition to make the UK the safest place to be online.


ProveMyAge is the fast, free, anonymous way to prove your age

We don’t believe individuals should have to share sensitive personal information, ID documents, mobile phone numbers or credit card details simply to prove their age.

Our technology is designed to protect children from explicit content, while adults are able to prove their age without sharing excessive amounts of data that runs the risk of identity fraud.


ProveMyAge is a new service for the adult industry powered by Yoti

Yoti technologies are designed to make it easier and safer to prove your age and know who you are dealing with – our principles guide everything we do. While we aim to make Yoti available to anyone, we also want to ensure that it is a brand for everyone.

That’s why we have created a separate brand, ProveMyAge, specifically for age verification in the adult sector. ProveMyAge is built with the Yoti technology consumers, regulators and business can trust. But it will operate independently to Yoti, which will continue to be the new way to prove your identity for a broad range of everyday uses, online and in person.


How does ProveMyAge work?

Individuals have two options to verify their age with ProveMyAge:

  • Look into the camera on their phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Yoti Age Scan, our age estimation technology, will check whether the individual is over or under the required age limit for access. Then, the image taken to estimate their age is permanently deleted. Yoti Age Scan does not retain any information about individuals. It simply estimates their age. You can read more about this technology here.
  • Use the free Yoti app to share their verified ‘Over 18’ attribute. This is the only piece of information shared; individuals don’t even need to share their date of birth.

ProveMyAge gives verified individuals an age token. This provides them with access to all adult websites that have integrated with ProveMyAge. Age tokens are valid for a period of time advised by the regulator, before the individual needs to reprove their age.


ProveMyAge is designed with security and privacy at the core

  • It’s anonymous and private. No personal or financial details are required, protecting individuals’ valuable information.
  • Age verification takes seconds, making it fast and easy to use.

Age verification will be a key step in helping to protect children online. We’re pleased to offer a secure and private age verification solution to help consumers and adult content providers comply with the new Digital Economy Act.

For more information, please read our Prove My Age white paper here.