Podcast: Project Endeavour – effective digital customer onboarding and EKYC for banking

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Project Endeavour is a ground-breaking pilot project to develop an electronic digital identity and risk assessment onboarding solution for the financial services sector.

Established by two leading UK based technology companies Synectics Solutions and Yoti, who specialise in delivering digital identity and financial crime risk management solutions, Project Endeavour will enable financial services organisations to significantly reduce how much time it takes to digitally verify a customers’ identity. This will allow them to perform real-time due-diligence checks as part of a comprehensive eKYC risk assessment.

This podcast is hosted by Vesna McCreery – an expert in financial crime and risk with over 20 years’ experience working with global banks and financial service providers. Vesna talks to Chris Lewis, Solutions Consultant at Synectics Solutions and Gareth Narinesingh, Commercial Director at Yoti about Project Endeavour and their aims and ambitions for the pilot.

During this podcast you will learn about:

  • Synectics Solutions and Yoti, and how they have collectively crafted over 30 years’ experience in delivering market-leading digital identity and financial crime risk management solutions.
  • How the application of technology to perform digital ID&V and CDD is being driven by changing regulations – and how this digital transformation can ease the onboarding journey for both providers and customers.
  • How Project Endeavour will enable financial services providers to carry out real-time digital ID&V and fraud and AML checks at the application inception stage.
  • How Project Endeavour will help financial services providers to significantly reduce risk by utilising aggregated, market-leading data sources as part of their onboarding process, to give a much broader picture of their customers.

To listen to the podcast visit the Synectics website here.

If you are a financial services provider and would like more information about Project Endeavour, or would like to take part in the pilot please email: endeavour@yoti.com or endeavour@synectics-solutions.com.