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Big things are happening here at Yoti!

We’re thrilled to announce partnerships with leading B2B blockchain casino platform, FunFair Technologies, major crypto mining app and enablement currency, Electroneum, and crypto ATM vendor, Trilliant.

In case you don’t know, cryptocurrency is – simply put – digital currency. Think Bitcoin.

These partnerships further cement our footprint in the crypto sector, and we’re really excited to shout about them.


What are these partnerships all about?

When crypto firms acquire new clients, they need to carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to ensure that individuals are who they say they are. And that’s where we come in.

For all three of these partnerships, Yoti is enabling instant KYC checks. By integrating a super simple SDK into their applications or websites, FunFair, Electroneum and Trilliant can request pre-verified identity attributes from their users.

As always, one of our key aims is to ensure that individuals who need to prove their identities have a totally frictionless and secure experience. So, when it’s for time for identities to be proven, individuals can share their pre-verified attributes in seconds, as opposed to dredging through an often tedious process.

FunFair Technologies has launched FunPass, a unique, blockchain-based solution that streamlines their registration process. With our help, its KYC process will be slick, safe, and easier than ever before. So, users can start playing as soon as possible, with the confidence that their identities are secure, and operators can cut their costs.

Electroneum will be using Yoti to handle all its KYC checks. We’ll be helping Electroneum streamline the process its users have to go through to prove their identity, making it super simple, quick, and more secure than ever. If you happen to be an Electroneum user, this partnership will enable you to instantly prove your uniqueness at the click of a button.

Individuals are the only ones who see their own data, keeping them protected from those sneaky fraudsters that lurk in the corners of the crypto world. Additionally, there’s no longer the need for individuals to present their precious ID documents that are at risk of being lost or stolen.

Our partnership with Trilliant will work in a very similar way. We’ll also be providing cost-effective KYC, as well as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks for its ATMs.

Your data, your call

The instant KYC checks we’re providing for all three firms give individuals complete control over their data. We will not share their identity attributes with anybody. It’s privacy and security at their best.

We are now the KYC provider for multiple ICOs, exchanges, mining apps, and crypto ATM vendors.


If you’d like to discover more about how you can reduce the cost and time for KYC checks, please email