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The neon sign has come down and the empty kegs have been rolled away. After three packed out nights, at 9.30pm on Thursday evening the Yoti Bar in Holborn closed its doors.

Hundreds of staff, friends, partners, associates, and curious members of the public, experienced how the Yoti app lets you responsibly prove your age and pour your own pint at self-serve beer pumps.

Watch our short video to see some of the highlights from the first night. Then watch how Yoti helps you prove your age at a self-serve beer pump.

The pop-up venue gave visitors a first look at the staff free bar experience of the future. By downloading the free app and adding an ID document, guests could prove their own age and then pour their own pint at a Drink Command self-serve beer pump. A seamless, paperless, staff free bar experience. The most difficult part was choosing which delicious Toast Beer you wanted – either lager or IPA.

A huge thank you to everyone that hung out and enjoyed a beer with us. A massive thank you also to Drink Command, Toast Beer and the people at Victoria House for making the event possible. It means a lot to the team of more than 150 people working tirelessly to make Yoti the world’s trusted identity system.

The hard work won’t stop, with the Yoti launch just a few weeks away. For the handful of people who first started working on the app back in 2014, events like the Yoti Bar and the upcoming launch are ‘pinch yourself’ moments. We’re so close now that, this week, we’ve quite literally tasted it. So cheers – we’ll drink to that.