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We are working with organisations in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and helping individuals return to work.
Read about our work with FRANKD to deliver on-premise testing with secure, digital test results sent to a person’s phone.

Last year, Yoti became one of the UK’s founding BCorps. Being a BCorp means being part of a community of companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. They have to meet strict standards of transparency, accountability and performance, and consider the impact of their decisions on all of their stakeholders.

One of our BCorp initiatives, introduced this year, is matched charity giving. When someone on the team raises money for charity, the company match the amount raised, up to the value of £500. I was one of the first employees to benefit from this great initiative. Here’s my story…


My Challenge

Last year, one of my closest family members was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It was a complete shock but I wanted to turn this sad news into something positive. So in May I took on the challenge of climbing Snowdon to raise money for this fantastic cause. I’d attempted to climb Snowdon many years ago when I was on a family holiday in Wales but climbing a mountain was something my teenage self was not interested in! My mum, sister and I turned around about 20 minutes in and spent the day looking around the beautiful local village of Llanberis instead, whilst my dad persevered and took on the challenge. So when I came across the Parkinson’s Snowdon Walk, it seemed like the perfect challenge for me.

I was very committed to the challenge I’d signed up to. In the months leading up to the big climb I put in more hours at the gym and often sacrificed my usual weekend lie ins for training. I was overwhelmed with everyone’s generous donations and it was great motivation to get up early for training!


Matched Giving at Yoti

My colleague Anna told me about the matched giving scheme the company had introduced, and put me forward to receive this. The generosity of the company to give such a significant amount of money helped me exceed my target, and my final amount raised was £1,747.


The Big Climb

There were about 100 people climbing Snowdon for Parkinson’s UK on the day, and it was really motivating to all be there together. It was great to meet other families going through the same thing and to hear their stories and experiences of living with the condition. The challenge itself was hard work but so rewarding. Unfortunately I had to battle through freezing temperatures and rain, and when I made it to the summit I didn’t have a great view because of the low cloud cover and thick fog! The sense of personal achievement made up for this though, and I was treated to clear blue skies and sunshine on the walk back down. My family were waiting at the end with a much needed cup of tea and foot massage!

Parkinson’s UK is a charity which has become very close to my heart and one I will continue to raise money for over the years to come. There’s currently no cure for Parkinson’s so the more money donated to this amazing charity, the more they can invest in research towards finding a cure.