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The internet has created many opportunities for us to interact and meet with other people. We can find love and companionship on dating websites and apps, turn to peers for advice, buy new and secondhand items, book holidays, and even rent rooms from other people.

Yet we have to trust the people online we meet are who they say they are. This can be difficult when news of scams, fraud and fake profiles continue to populate the headlines. In fact, half of Brits do not believe the details on someone’ dating profile are true, with over a third of people wanting an easy way to check the identity of the people they meet online. People need to know exactly who they are interacting with so they have the confidence to go on a date or buy a bike from someone, without the anxiety and worry of being scammed.

Yoti is a digital identity app that lets people easily swap verified personal details with each other. It is the simplest way to know exactly who you’re meeting online – giving you the peace of mind and reassurance you need. Before swapping details, both people need to download and create their Yoti account. Yoti is free for individuals and each account takes just minutes to create.

So how do you swap details on Yoti?

Melissa has met Nick on a dating website but wants to be sure he is who he says he is. So she decides to swap details with him using Yoti.

1) She opens her Yoti app and clicks ‘Swap Details’.
2) She selects the details she would like swap – her photo, name and date of birth. When she swaps these details with Nick, she will receive the same information from him.


3) She then chooses how to swap details – in person, by text or via email. She decides to use text this time.
4) Nick receives the text, which contains a link to swap details with Melissa.
5) Once he has clicked the link, Nick logs into his own Yoti app.
6) He then sees the details Melissa would like to share (name, photo and date of birth) and clicks Allow to share the same information with her.
7) Both Melissa and Nick then see each other’s verified details within their Yoti app.

8) They also have a receipt of this in their Activity which confirms they have swapped details with each other.

Melissa and Nick can now arrange a date, safe in the knowledge that the other person is who they say they are.


Verified details

Swapping details on Yoti is the easiest and quickest way to check the identity of another person. Every Yoti account is securely built and verified around a government issued document, such as a passport or driving licence, and personal biometrics – so you can be sure that the details shared are all real. You always decide exactly which details to swap, and you receive the same details that you choose to share with another person.

So the next time you want to check a potential date is who they say they are, or you want to confirm the identity of the person selling you a bike, give Yoti a go and see for yourself how easy it is.