From selling our unwanted items, meeting new people or finding a place to stay for the night, the internet has created new opportunities for organisations and people. But despite all of these wonderful opportunities, the internet is rife with dangers and warnings.

One of the main issues we face is that we have no way of being 100% sure who we are meeting and talking to online. You’ve met someone on a dating website. You’ve been chatting for sometime and he just seems great…a little too great maybe. Can he really be that good looking? And surely it’s a coincidence that you’re both the same age? How can you be sure ‘Jake’ really is Jake? We have to put our trust in people we do not know and rely on the word of strangers. This is difficult to do when stories of dating scams continue to hit the headlines.

And what about knowing the true identity of someone you’re buying a bike from online? You’re spending a lot of money and it would be good to know you’re not being scammed by someone who will take your money and never give you the bike. How can we be confident that the person we’re buying a bike from has a) given us their correct contact details (so can be contacted again if needed) and b) will send the money they’ve promised?


The Solution

Yoti is your digital identity app. You can use it to prove your identity and check the identity of other people, online and in person. Once you’ve created your Yoti, you can use it to swap details with other people, such as your name, photo and age (which have all been verified against a government ID document such as a passport or driving licence). This means you can be sure that the person you’re talking to online is who they say they are. No need to doubt if ‘Jake’ really is Jake, and no need to worry about fake phone numbers or addresses.

Whether you’d like to check the identity of someone on a dating website, or prove your identity to someone whose apartment you’re renting, Yoti can be used in a variety of situations. There is no requirement for the website you’re using to integrate with Yoti because you can simply download Yoti and ask the person you are talking to to do the same. And it’s free for you to download and use.

You can download the Yoti app from iTunes and Google Play Store now.