How is Yoti’s electronic witnessing feature used to digitise paper processes in line with HM Land Registry?

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Since developing a sophisticated eSignature tool, Yoti’s market-leading electronic witnessing (eWitnessing) solutions are changing the way businesses manage their documents and contracts whilst remaining compliant with HM Land Registry. By digitising their operations, lawyers and conveyancers can take a step back from paper processes that take several days and transform it into something that can be undertaken in a matter of minutes.

With our legally binding electronic witnessing solution meeting HM Land Registry requirements, the benefits of eWitnessing are now being fully felt by property conveyancers and lawyers alike.


So, what’s different about Yoti’s eWitnessing features?

With eWitnessing comes a number of the same benefits that many digital processes have, such as being more time efficient and reducing paper use. But what does Yoti do differently?

Privacy is priority

Thanks to Yoti’s limited document view, the signer can confidently have their documents witnessed in the knowledge that their details are blocked from view. 

Safe and secure

By using a one-time passcode, unauthorised people will not be able to access the document. This, alongside a secure audit trail to trace all unique identifiers of both the signer and the witness means that you ensure your documents are traceable and only in the hands of those who need it.

Compliant and legally binding

All documents signed using Yoti’s eSigning are legally binding and compliant with eIDAS, ESIGN Act and UETA. The team at Yoti has also worked closely with HMLR to shape eWitnessing guidance so that we are fully HMLR compliant.

Easy and hassle-free

With our flexible API and easy-to-use portal, our eSignature tools are easily integrated into your business processes to ensure simple eWitnessing.


What are the features of Yoti’s eWitnessing platform?

Limited document view

Sometimes confidential or private documents need to be witnessed. In order to maintain the confidentiality of the documents, a limited document view blocks the content from view so that the witness is unable to see, and the signer’s details can remain confidential. They are only given access to fields that they need to sign. 

Audit trail 

Our eSignatures platform tracks the path that the document travelled through along various stages to ensure a high level of confidentiality and security. The intent of signing and other identifiers, such as IP address, timestamp and email address, are used as digital proof that a document is legally signed to a standard that is admissible in court.

One-time passcode

For greater security and compliance with HM Land Registry, we have added a one-time passcode feature that restricts unauthorised people from accessing the document. The signer and the witness will receive an access code on their mobile phones, which adds another layer of security. 

Upcoming features

We hope to soon add geolocation features to the Yoti eSignature and eWitness platform. The document owner will be able to check the location of both the signer and the witness by verifying their credentials using the Yoti app.


Electronic witnessing with Yoti in accordance with HM Land Registry: a step-by-step guide

Step 1: Once the document that requires witnessing is uploaded to the eSign platform, select the fields that need to be populated by the signer.

Step 2: Shortly after, the signer receives a one-time password that will allow them to populate the appropriate details and select a witness who will engage with the signing of the document. 

Step 3: Once completed, the witness will receive a one-time password which allows them to access the document in order to complete their information. Using Yoti’s eSignatures platform, witnesses are not able to see the content of the document. 

Step 4: Once both parties have populated the relevant information fields, the sender will be sent confirmation that the document has been both signed and witnessed, along with unique identifiers that can be used in an audit trail.


Interview with HM Land Registry on electronic witnessing

Yoti’s James Lancaster and Sam Rowe hosted Michael Abraham and Robin Malpas from HM Land Registry during the webinar focusing on the eWitnessing legality.

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