Example of Safello screen buying cryptocurrencies using Yoti digital identity

Buy cryptocurrencies in under 60 seconds with Safello and Yoti

What can you do in one minute?

You can’t make a cup of tea (according to Yorkshire Tea the perfect brewing time is 4-5 minutes) or clean your teeth (dentists recommend brushing them for two minutes).

How about buying cryptocurrency and completing all of the identity checks in under 60 seconds?

Our new partnership with secure brokerage platform Safello lets you do just that.

So how does it work?

Safello customers across Europe will now be able to use Yoti to verify their identity and then pay with a credit card to purchase cryptocurrencies. The entire process is completed within 60 seconds:

  1. Select the cryptocurrency and amount you wish to buy on Safello.
  2. Verify your identity instantly with Yoti.
  3. Pay with a credit card.

How this benefits the crypto world

Frank Schuil, CEO of Safello, explained, “With Yoti verification integrated into Safello brokerage, we are replacing cumbersome Know Your Customer (KYC) processes with a simple and universal app, substantially improving the user experience in crypto purchases.

“By bringing together Yoti with the trusted payment processing of SafeCharge, we are offering users a gateway where they can transact in cryptocurrencies with confidence and peace of mind, within seconds.

“Our partners will be able to extend the same crypto buying experience to their users on their own platform when they integrate our widget with Yoti identity verification already embedded.”

As always, one of our key aims is to ensure that individuals who need to prove their identities have a completely frictionless and secure experience. So when it’s time for identities to be proven, individuals can share their pre-verified attributes in seconds, as opposed to dredging through an often tedious process.

We’re really excited to partner with Safello. If you’d like to discover more about our work in the crypto industry, please email futuretech@yoti.com.