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The Age Appropriate Design Code for businesses

The Age Appropriate Design Code (also known as the “Children’s Code”) is the first statutory code of practice for children’s data in the world. Introduced by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in 2021, the set of standards seeks to ensure that online services are designed in the best interests of a child. “The best interests of a child” is a concept from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which recognises that children need special safeguards and care in all aspects of their life. In a world first, the Code extends this protection to

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PeopleCheck automate the background screening process to scale checks without limit

“The change in legislation was a once-in-a-generation perfect storm. The automation that’s come off the back of digital identity enables us to deliver swift onboarding and a platform that’s on the leading-edge of user experience and smart technology.”  David Hutchinson People Check CEO PeopleCheck is the UK’s leading background check provider. We helped them: Meet the digital ID checking requirements for right to work and DBS. Automate significant parts of the screening process. Scale from 1 check to 1,800 in the same time.   Solution: Right to Work Industry: Background screening Read the case study

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Digital identity verification for DBS checks

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has updated its guidance on how to check someone’s identity for a criminal record check. Previously, the process was only possible by seeing physical documents. During the pandemic, employers enjoyed relaxed rules which allowed them to do this via video call. However, the government has now updated their guidance to allow for digital ID verification technology.  This means candidates can prove their identity online, which is an absolute game changer for employers grappling with a remote-first world. But how does the process work and should you use it? Here’s our guide to digital ID

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Yoti age estimation approved by German regulator KJM for the highest level of age assurance covering 18+ adult content

We are delighted to announce that Yoti’s Facial Age Estimation technology has now been approved by the German regulator, KJM, for the highest level of age assurance. This means it can now be used for 18+ adult content.   In November 2021, Yoti’s Facial Age Estimation technology was approved for 16+ (erotic) content so today’s news is a significant new development as it demonstrates that our technology has passed the highest levels of regulatory scrutiny in Germany. This is the first time age estimation has been approved for use by any regulator at the highest level for the sensitive area of

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The different ways to check age

Checking age no longer has to rely on seeing an ID document. In fact, you don’t even need to see a name.  With Yoti Age Verification, businesses can check the age of their users without processing or storing any personal data. Users choose their preferred way to prove their age, from convenient things like a selfie or a mobile number. We work out the age, delete the personal data and share just the result with the business. That way, businesses can be confident they’re delivering age-appropriate services to the right people, whilst protecting their privacy. Here are the different ways

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Identity-driven eSignatures [product sheet]

Know exactly who’s signing your documents with legally-binding electronic signatures linked to a verified digital ID. Simply upload your documents, place the signature boxes and request recipients sign with the Yoti app. They’ll receive an email with the documents and a QR code to scan with their Yoti Digital ID. They consent to sharing their verified identity details in their app and you can achieve eSignatures and KYC in one simple swoop. Download your product sheet