Identity verification methods
How to strike a balance between fraud prevention and seamless customer onboarding
October 13, 2021
Our Identity Verification solution makes onboarding as hassle-free as possible for your users.    Digital identity verification has become a crucial part of onboarding customers, with businesses needing to check that they are genuine, protect customers’ data and mitigate fraud. Having identity verification embedded into your online customer journey ensures you have identified and verified [...]
Data privacy for gdpr
Be the company people trust: why you need to prioritise data privacy
August 10, 2021
It’s not just your consumer’s responsibility to protect their personal data, but yours too. Everyone is in on the conversation of data privacy; if you don’t make it a priority, then you risk losing your consumer’s trust.    With the rise of online services and the ever-growing move to a digital world, consumer concerns over [...]
AI and machine learning build AML programs
How AI and machine learning can help build better AML programs
August 6, 2021
As financial institutions move towards FATF-recommended risk-based AML programs, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can help them be more effective and efficient in the fight against financial crime.    The global framework for fighting financial crime white paper by The Institute of International Finance and Deloitte LLP highlights that: There is growing consensus that [...]
AML compliance officer
Regulatory expectations are evolving: How robust is your AML program?
August 4, 2021
Managing financial crime is very complex and presents several challenges for financial institutions to develop robust anti-money laundering (AML) programs and meet compliance requirements.   AML compliance officers understand the importance of keeping one step ahead of criminals trying to find weak points in their financial systems to exploit. Continuous discussions by industry leaders at [...]
Anti-money laundering landscape
A closer look at the ever-changing anti-money laundering landscape
August 2, 2021
In the fight against financial crime, the anti-money laundering landscape is ever-changing.   The global battle against financial crime is a challenging one fought by governments, regulatory bodies, and industries. Every financial institution and organisation that provide financial services must better equip themselves against the growing threat of money laundering.    Financial institutions are the [...]
Flags outside the European Commission
A guide to the European Commission’s proposed legal framework for regulating high-risk AI systems
June 24, 2021
On 21 April 2021, not long after a leaked portion had caused a stir, the European Commission published its proposed legal framework for the regulation of artificial intelligence (“AI”). Whilst only a first draft, therefore subject to the push and pull of the amendment (or ‘trilogue’) process over the coming months, it marks an important [...]