Anti-money laundering landscape
A closer look at the ever-changing anti-money laundering landscape
August 2, 2021
In the fight against financial crime, the anti-money laundering landscape is ever-changing.   The global battle against financial crime is a challenging one fought by governments, regulatory bodies, and industries. Every financial institution and organisation that provide financial services must better equip themselves against the growing threat of money laundering.    Financial institutions are the [...]
Flags outside the European Commission
A guide to the European Commission’s proposed legal framework for regulating high-risk AI systems
June 24, 2021
On 21 April 2021, not long after a leaked portion had caused a stir, the European Commission published its proposed legal framework for the regulation of artificial intelligence (“AI”). Whilst only a first draft, therefore subject to the push and pull of the amendment (or ‘trilogue’) process over the coming months, it marks an important [...]