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Mobile ID World

Jersey Gov’t to Use Biometric Citizen ID

The British dependency of Jersey has opted to use Yoti’s eponymous mobile platform as its official digital identity system.

ITV News Jersey

Islanders in Jersey to have a Digital ID in May

Islanders will be able to use their phones as identification from May. Jersey residents will be able to verify their identity and their age by using digital services provider, Yoti.

Bailiwick Express

Yoti: The new government ID… and a way to stop underage drinkers?

A smartphone app that ditches passwords for facial recognition has been announced as the government’s long-awaited digital ID system – and Police are already keen to use it to combat underage drinking.


Questions Of Identity - The UK Scrapped An I.D. Card Scheme So Can A Startup Fill The Gap?

The Island of Jersey has announced that it is working with Yoti to set up a digital identity system, that will be used, in the first instance, to check the age and identities of young people going into bars and nightclubs. And further down the line, the State of Jersey - officially not part of the UK - plans to extend the scope of the initiative to authenticate online transactions between citizens and the Island’s government.


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