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The Telegraph

Facial recognition to be used in British supermarkets for the first time

March 2019

Facial recognition will soon be used in British shops for the first time to judge how old customers are at self-checkout machines when they buy age restricted items, it is understood following a deal with the company that makes the tills for Tesco and Asda.

Information Age

Heathrow Airport will trial biometric technology for passengers

March 2019

Heathrow Airport is working with digital identity app Yoti on a trial that enables passengers to travel using their smartphone and biometrics, instead of traditional travel documents - with the aim of streamlining the passenger experience.

Internet Retailing

Jägermeister uses age verification technology to ensure shoppers are old enough

March 2019

Jägermeister is using new age verification technology so that shoppers using its website can now prove they are old enough to buy its products online.

Find Biometrics

Yubo and Yoti Make the Internet Safer With Biometric Age Verification

March 2019

Yubo and Yoti are working together to make the internet safer for young adults. Founded in 2015, Yubo is a social media platform designed specifically for teenagers. The company will now be using Yoti Age Scan to protect its 20 million users and make sure that everyone is age appropriate.


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